Spark Art

& Cecily Miller

Founded by Cecily Miller, the mission of Spark Art is to partner with artists, organizations, and community groups to create programs and public art that is inspired by the qualities of place and explores the concerns of local people.  Our goal is to develop contemporary art that celebrates what is positive while building the resiliency we need to face important challenges -- by strengthening a sense of community, providing new insight or understanding of issues, and creating experiences of hope and joy.

Spark Art provides a range of consulting services for arts and non-arts organizations including: program design and coordination, artist selection, grantwriting, and research and planning.

Cecily Miller is an award-winning arts manager and activist who served as the first Executive Director of both the Somerville Arts Council and the Forest Hills Educational Trust.  She has 25 years of experience initiating and organizing a wide variety of innovative programs, including exhibitions, public art commissions, educational programs, performing arts series, and festivals.  Many of these have involved extensive collaboration with diverse community partners. Miller has also overseen grant programs and is an experienced fundraiser.

Miller started Spark Art to focus on the work that she found most meaningful during her years as Executive Director of small arts organizations: program development and public art.  This website includes information about current projects as well as examples from Miller's work at the Somerville Arts Council and Forest Hills Educational Trust; these examples were chosen to illuminate the kind of projects that we aim to continue through Spark Art.  You will also find a blog where Miller occasionally posts information about projects that she admires initiated by other organizations and individuals artists.

In addition to her consulting work, Miller is a member of the Organizing Committee for the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands in Somerville.  Her focus has been developing the Elm Street Area, a space for activist artists to engage the public with their projects.