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#ARTBRT: James Weinberg

As part of Arlington's BRT Pilot project, Arlington Public Art was able to commission James Weinberg to paint a mural activating the Mass Ave Corridor and continuing his designs along the bus route. Za Restaurant agreed to host the mural for a minimum of two years.


Weinberg created a peaceful scene in saturated clashing colors the convey energy and vibrancy.  A Somerville resident who gets most places on his bike, he enjoys Arlington's natural areas and small town feeling. However the palette here is very different from the greens and blues that dominate in his more naturalistic design for his bus shelter; the colors relate to the funky aesthetic Weinberg has used in his posters promoting local rock and world music bands. The mischievous fox in the center commemorates the Fox Branch Library down the street, a neighborhood gathering place where the fox is the mascot.


The mural marks the "gateway" to Arlington's newly designated Cultural District, which extends from East Arlington to Arlington Center.

Cecily worked with Arlington Public Art to curate temporary installations in 5 bus shelters as part of the Town's BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Pilot Project.  The BRT Pilot experimented with ways to improve public transportation – specifically the morning commute on buses that run along Mass Avenue.  Art installations supported this effort by landmarking bus shelters and creating a buzz. Each shelter design was unique, reflecting the style and interests of each artist; several of the artists also executed coordinated elements along Mass Ave. Shared themes included protecting the environment, connecting with neighbors, and enlivening the experience of waiting for the bus. The art successfully celebrated the Town’s initiative to improve bus service so residents can leave their cars at home.

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