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Claudia Ravaschiere & Mike Moss

Claudia Ravashiere and Mike Moss are well-known for their public art installations using innovative materials. Often they use natural light or illuminations to transform familiar environments into something magical.

I had seen Flutter in it's original installation along a chain link fence in Boston's Fort Point neighborhood.  I appreciated the way they brought a suggestion of nature to an urban neighborhood, the simplicity of the butterfly design, the ingenuity of using an existing fence as an armature for their sculptural forms, and the play of shadows and color on the ground.  I asked the artists if they would reinstall the work on an area of chain link fence on the Bikeway.  In this more natural setting the piece suggested the mighty migration that these tiny animals make annually. 

Ravaschiere shared her love of the butterfly as a symbol of miraculous transformation and strength.  She has found it used in many diverse cultures as a symbol of protection, transition, and the soul.

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