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Eileen De Rosas

Eileen deRosas, a ceramic artist known for her paintings of animals on plates and pitchers, has covered her shelter with portraits of neighborhood wildlife: a coyote, skunk, rabbit, and turtle make their way across the glass, reminding us that taking the bus helps protect the environment.

As part of Arlington's public transportation improvement project, De Rosas also created large scale installation using wheatpaste techniques on the Fox Library.

Cecily worked with Arlington Public Art to curate temporary installations in 5 bus shelters as part of the Town's BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Pilot Project.  The BRT Pilot experimented with ways to improve public transportation – specifically the morning commute on buses that run along Mass Avenue.  Art installations supported this effort by landmarking bus shelters and creating a buzz. Each shelter design was unique, reflecting the style and interests of each artist; several of the artists also executed coordinated elements along Mass Ave. Shared themes included protecting the environment, connecting with neighbors, and enlivening the experience of waiting for the bus. The art successfully celebrated the Town’s initiative to improve bus service so residents can leave their cars at home.

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