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RIPPLE was inspired by coordinated artist-led knit bombing installations seen in various cities, including Austin TX and Melbourne, Australia.  It enlists the spirit of volunteerism and civic pride that are an essential part of the character of Arlington, MA.


I invited Adria Arch, a public art activist, painter, and installation artist to lead the project. Adria picked the palette and the site and recruited a wonderful group of 52 knitters and crochet "craftivists" to create a large scale project on 10 trees.  We called this group "The Arlington Knitting Brigade." Each member picked a tree and created a panel to wrap around its trunk; Adria and I finalized the order and position on site. Two enthusiastic arborists – who initially thought we were crazy – did a fantastic job installing the work.

RIPPLE succeeds as a vibrant landmark, an embodiment of diversity, community, and the power of collective action.

RIPPLE was commissioned as part of PATHWAYS: Art on the Minuteman Bikeway, a public art initiative launched to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Minuteman Bikeway and activate Arlington’s newly designated Cultural District, which stretches from Capitol Square in East Arlington to Arlington Center.  The Bikeway offers a tree-lined route connecting two vibrant centers of town life, with their cafes & restaurants, neighborhood shops & libraries, and spaces for making or experiencing art, music, film & dance.

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